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Ice hockey is enjoying a popularity rank unflagging team game that became popular in the 15th century. Officially it was Britain and France shall be deemed to be the Member States that have contributed to hockey rozpopularyzowania as team play.

Ice hockey was established officially in Canada and, therefore, for many years the rules of this discipline have evolved over time, so that, as a consequence, it has become a really refined the game in many ways. At the beginning of the ice hockey was played mostly on the male hunts over lawns, but over time a lot of people came to the conclusion that this is not the right place. However, as a result of the ongoing Carnival in Montreal, it was decided to play the game on the ice and it was considered that this form of the game will go down in history. In the United States at the same time there's a game very similar to the original hockey, although with some differences. Only with time officially abandoned her for hockey, which has dominated American sport, and became one of the many popular disciplines that are grown today.

Ice hockey sometimes can seem rather brutal discipline, but if we follow certain principles can definitely be a safe game full of exciting experiences and adrenaline. One team should consist of a goalkeeper and five agile players. However, when the official number of matches players shall not exceed twenty-two people. Usually during matches of professional and amateur uses a small puck into games created with special rubber. If we decide to play a small amateur match necessarily, we should keep in mind the ochraniaczach, which will ensure that we will avoid serious injury, therefore, are mandatory for every player, even while the amateur tournament. However, in this discipline it is very important that we clung to the principles and have in mind that this is not an easy game.