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Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, which still has no equal. The sport is not just about defeating the enemy, but also about emotions that are very important. During the games there will be plenty of adrenaline, the difficulties and triumphs.

History of football as a sport dates back more than 2,300 years ago, when ancestors knew the various areas of sport and zafascynowali mutual rivalry in the square, which today could symbolize. Soccer although there is no clear origin was already known in antiquity. Over time, this discipline was made famous on the international scene and because of individual tastes all the time this discipline went through various modifications, including a change in the rules. There is a belief that soccer enlisted the Chinese people, but at the same time a similar discipline began to cultivate the Greeks and Romans. However, officially the first principles current in the football team formed in the United Kingdom.

Football today is constantly delights not only the players, but the fans, who love to oversee important matches and constantly support the players in your company. Modern football was rozpopularyzowana only in the 19th century, so it is no wonder that the world is so much loved and loving the sport. Where football conquered the hearts of fans around the world quickly became one of the most popular sports of all time. As it is not difficult to notice the modern face of football and the first game that came out a while ago, definitely different. The main aim of football is not only a victory, but above all to prevent the situation, that the ball was in the possession of the enemy. An interesting fact is that in the old days, it was a ball of blistering belonging to animals, because they were subject to high strength and were played several matches.

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Primera D, Promotion Playoffs
Primera Nacional, Promotion Playoffs
U21 Pro League, Group 1
U21 Pro League, Group 2
Division Profesional
Brasileiro Serie B
First Professional League
China League 1
China League 2, Promotion Round, Group D
Chinese Super League, Women, Relegation Round
Primera B, Clausura, Promotion, Group A
1st Division
Premier League
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3. Liga
Super League
Indian Super League
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Azadegan League
Campionato Primavera 1
Serie C, Girone A
Liga MX, Apertura Playoffs
Liga MX, Women, Apertura
Eerste Divisie
Primera Division, Apertura
I Liga
Taca de Portugal
Stars Cup, Group A
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Prva Liga
LaLiga SRL
Serie A SRL
Turkey Super Lig SRL
LaLiga 2
Ligue 1, Group A
Ligue 1, Group B
1. Lig
Super Lig
Persha Liga
Primera Division, Clausura