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No, that does not kochałby American football. In the United States this discipline was founded in 1869. If you love rivalry and not scary to us running on the field is certainly zaprzyjaźnimy with this sports discipline.

The first game of American football played in 1869 in New Jersey and that is what America is considered to be the cradle of the discipline. The main rules in American football is primarily to acquire as many points than the opposing team and its defeat. Each team should be not less than eleven players. Interestingly, during games played soccer ball we can move to their players in any way. In other words, we can pass it with free throws, passes or kicking a player from our team. Therefore, when we begin your adventure with the football very well is to start from a small training and well get to know this sport. Then surely we can win when we know the detailed ins and outs of the governing team in this game.

American football has a lot of fans around the world who still come to matches and faithfully support your favorite teams in terms of success. However, there is a lot of similarity to football, rugby and it decided to deal with Yale University. It's not hard to notice that American football is a sport, mainly intended for men, so do not take in women. Since officially American football was quickly won the hearts of not only Americans, but also people all over the world, so it is no wonder that football enjoys such great popularity. Even in the US National Football League was formed, consisting of up to thirty-two teams. Most of the secondary uses the tradition of playing matches and since they are held regularly on weekends, so many teenagers can try their hand at the sport. You should note, however, that it's pretty rigorous sport, which requires players to decide as well as knowledge of how to effectively defeat the enemy.