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Basketball was founded in 1891 in the American town of Springfield, and was invented by a teacher of physical education. Some students need physical activities collage'u that they could perform, and that's exactly what basketball was born as a discipline divided into two competing teams.

After football and basketball also deserves attention and today is one of the most played sports in the world. An interesting fact is that at the outset, in those years instead of the traditional balls into the trash they were characteristic of the ball used in the game. Later, however, due to the rules that prevail in this sport it was decided to improve and the introduction to the game round ball, which today has adopted. However, due to the location of the question of the popularity of this game was only dependent on time and soon released the first Association and then clubs that they were fans of basketball and allow the joint to play matches. In view of the subsequent years more and more increased interest in this area of the sport until the end of this ongoing fascination wave that created special clubs, and soon. Speaking of basketball we should not lose sight of the true legend, which is undoubtedly a talented Michael Jordan.

Let us remember, however, that basketball is a very complicated game that requires not only the deliberate and decisive action, but also address the relevant position. Basketball as a sport discipline can be divided into two types: the amateur and professional game along the lines of the NBA. If we wanted to try their hand at someday this sports discipline that we must not forget about proper warm up, which is very important. About this we should constantly bear in mind, therefore, only then we have a better chance to defeat the enemy and learn agility during the game. Basketball but those factors also requires concentration, so a good solution would be to perform a few basic exercises directly before the match, allowing us much better focus on the action.

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