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Handball is staged in enough referred to as szczypiorniaka in colloquial language. However, considering the history of its creation is not hard to guess that this is a very popular team game, which today is known throughout the world and though it has a huge competition, it is left behind as a discipline with prospects for the future.

Handball has a very great interest, especially among young and athletic. For some it's a great opportunity to practice your own condition and that will surely affect health, and for others due to the form of administration of the ball it is quite brutal sport. Handball has its opponents and supporters around the world, but the rules of this game play are quite complicated and often tend to be understood in many different ways. The main objective in this game is as soon as possible, throwing the ball into the opposing team's goal using only the Palm of your hand. Other parts of the body are unacceptable in this game, and if their use is a game shall be stopped immediately by the judge. The game most likely comes from the ancient Greek, therefore, it is worth mentioning its origins. Over time, she went to Europe, and then gained popularity all over the world.

Handball has a lot of rules, but the most popular is the ban on running with the ball during the match, determined to give to a member of his team as well as the prohibition of holding the ball for a long time during the tournament. At the beginning the team was supposed to be just eleven players, but over time it was decided that the composition of one team should not be larger than the seven people. And it is this second version is referred to as szczypiorniaka in Poland, will most likely taken from the village, in which for the first time held a handball match. So try your hand at this sport, if you are lovers of the rivalry and we feel that perfectly sprawdzilibyśmy in this task. It is certainly a very good idea, which will allow us to recharge and of course take care of physical condition.