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The game of tennis originated in the middle ages, what really deserves huge admiration of all. Of course, given the former ability to the old rules of the game are far from those of today, but still there is no shortage of new daredevils who attempt in this discipline.

At the very beginning, when tennis was in the UK most of the matches are made on the grassed area and in no way resembled a tennis court. The main premise of the game of tennis is primarily as the longest keeping the ball on the fly by passing her opponent in a way that is difficult to capture. The ball should be reflected using a tennis racket over the net or beyond the pale. The cradle of responsible for the popularity of tennis around the world is, of course, England and the English the most common grow the sport. Few people are aware of the fact that tennis was launched in medieval monasteries and has quickly become a well-respected form of entertainment. However, that version of the current was the fact that then there were rockets to play, just the Palm of your hand.

Today tennis is very popular, but requires not only strength, but also embrace some tactics during the game, to defeat the enemy more effectively. It's also a great way to improve your existing skills and fitness. In this connection, a lot of people interested in the field of sport and regularly played tennis, using every spare moment. If I'm wondering for a long time how to effectively decide to play a game of tennis, you can also subscribe to a special course during which the ins and outs be explored this discipline and we learn many interesting things about strategies. You must also admit that tennis has gained much more from the inception of the first sporting events of this nature. There is probably a person anywhere in the world that does not know that the event played in Wimbledon. Therefore, if you still wonder whether it is worthwhile to try your hand at this discipline then we must know that certainly we will attain all the last button and play a thrilling match.

Cincinnati, USA
Cincinnati, USA, Doubles
Cordenons, Italy
Cordenons, Italy, Doubles
Meerbusch, Germany
Meerbusch, Germany, Doubles
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Doubles
Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver, Canada, Doubles
Belarus F2, Doubles
Belarus F2, Singles
Belgium F9, Doubles
Belgium F9, Singles
Finland F3, Doubles
Finland F3, Singles
Germany F11, Doubles
Germany F11, Singles
Netherlands F5, Doubles
Netherlands F5, Singles
Poland F9, Doubles
Poland F9, Singles
Portugal F16, Doubles
Portugal F16, Singles
Romania F10, Doubles
Romania F10, Singles
Russia F7, Doubles
Russia F7, Singles
Serbia F2, Doubles
Serbia F2, Singles
Spain F25, Doubles
Spain F25, Singles
Switzerland F3, Doubles
Switzerland F3, Singles
Thailand F6, Doubles
Thailand F6, Singles
Turkey F30, Doubles
Turkey F30, Singles
Cuneo, Doubles W-WITF-ITA-22A
Cuneo, Singles W-WITF-ITA-22A
Graz, Doubles W-WITF-AUT-02A
Graz, Singles W-WITF-AUT-02A
Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, Doubles W-WITF-ESP-13A
Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, Singles W-WITF-ESP-13A
Leipzig, Doubles W-WITF-GER-13A
Leipzig, Singles W-WITF-GER-13A
Montreux, Doubles W-WITF-SUI-03A
Montreux, Singles W-WITF-SUI-03A
Moscow, Doubles W-WITF-RUS-06A
Moscow, Singles W-WITF-RUS-06A
Mragowo, Doubles W-WITF-POL-04A
Mragowo, Singles W-WITF-POL-04A
Nonthaburi, Doubles W-WITF-THA-12A
Nonthaburi, Singles W-WITF-THA-12A
Oldenzaal, Doubles W-WITF-NED-04A
Oldenzaal, Singles W-WITF-NED-04A
Vancouver, Doubles W-WITF-CAN-01A
Vancouver, Singles W-WITF-CAN-01A